Platinum Global Healthcare Awaits.

Gedalia Global is an exclusive private practice open only to clients by invitation or referral.

Limited to a maximum of 100 clients, Gedalia offers its services to a carefully curated list of world leaders, market movers, historic families, and others unwilling to settle for anything less.

Whether you may require primary, specialized or even a uniquely specific sub-specialized care, Gedalia is your International bridge to current leading edge procedures, treatments, and therapeutics.

Our Clients

The Gedalia 100

Gedalia delivers the power of the best minds in medicine and healthcare to our esteemed clients.

Limited to a maximum of 100 clients annually, Gedalia offers its services to a carefully curated list of world leaders, market- and culture-makers, historic families, and others unwilling to settle for anything or anyone less.

This unprecedented group of 100 clients will be granted exclusive access to the best global healthcare available.From the A-list to the zenith of business, arts, culture, and government, our clients’ interests span the entire globe. Now, so can their healthcare.

When you’re one of only 100 individuals to be served by GEDALIA, everything changes for you. A smaller clientele affords our team the luxury of time to provide every one of our clients the following benefits: our full energy and focus, our absolute availability, a valuable safety-net for our clients to achieve their true potential and live their healthiest lives. It’s intended to be an unparalleled standard of care built upon a powerful relationship — the one between you and your trusted guide at Gedalia.

Our Founder

Uri Gedalia, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Gedalia delivers the assurance of the best minds in medicine and healthcare to our esteemed clients.

As the founder and chief executive officer of Gedalia Global, Dr. Uri Gedalia charts the course of the organization in steadfast pursuit of one crucial mission — delivering peace of mind for those who entrust him and his eclectic team with their health.

“Our promise is to be there for you when you need us most. In the midst of the darkness of a medical or health crisis, the light of hope and understanding must persist. That’s why I founded the Gedalia Global network — to light your way to high-quality healthcare. You’re not alone; you’re not helpless, and you no longer need to feel overwhelmed.”

Dr. Gedalia believes in a humanistic, data driven approach to medicine and wholeheartedly endorses the process of shared decision-making with his singular clients.

We open doors to elite healthcare providers with specific attention to all of the details too often overlooked in today’s crowded healthcare marketplace. We’ve limited the number of our clients to no more than 100 individuals. With fewer clients, your health becomes the center of our primary focus.

In addition to helming Gedalia Global, Dr. Gedalia is a board-certified general surgeon in private practice. Dr. Gedalia is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and is licensed to practice medicine in Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Illinois. He performed his residency at New York Medical College after graduating from Louisiana State University of School of Medicine.

Awards received by Dr. Gedalia include: the Israeli Presidential Award; Louisiana Board of Regents Certificate of Excellence, University of New Orleans (UNO) Certificate of Scholarly Merit, UNO Biological Sciences Achievement Award, and UNO Leadership Award.

Our Services

Gedalia Global offers bespoke concierge services tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs with unmatched professionalism and the utmost in discretion.

We continually work with our clients on an intimate level to craft the right preparatory plan, so that in a time of need, you and your loved ones know who to call.

Dr. Uri Gedalia created Gedalia Global on the belief that delivering exceptional medical care must fundamentally honor and protect the most sacred of relationships – that between a physician and a patient.

Such singular focus is only possible because we limit our patient threshold to 100 select individuals who are cared for by the most exceptional physicians, surgeons, critical care medical specialists, preventative medical specialists, anesthesiologists, immunologists, allergists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, geriatric medicine specialists, hematologists, internists, nephrologists, neurologists, oncologists, pathologists, physiatrists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, pulmonologists, urologists, pharmacists and more who are absolutely committed to elevating their craft of medicine. This continues to be a sacred vow for everyone at Gedalia to honor and uphold.

Our NEtwork

Access To The Most Elite Medical Providers

Today, there are some 15 million doctors and 135 thousand hospitals in countries around the world.

The challenge involves differentiating the adequate from the absolute best.

Limited to a maximum of 100 clients annually, Gedalia offers its services to a carefully curated list of world leaders, market- and culture-makers, historic families, and others unwilling to settle for anything or anyone less.

At Gedalia, your peace of mind is our priority, and one of the main reasons we exist. We grant our clients access to the most elite medical providers who illuminate the best possible path to good health.

We believe that practicing medicine should always be a sacred calling, yet, for many, it feels much less personal and more hurried every day. There was a time when medicine was about genuine relationships. The connection between a physician and a patient was forged over time through conquering shared challenges and victories.

That time is now here again.

At its finest, we believe Gedalia holds the power to transform the lives of both patients and physicians. With this in mind, every detail and decision that created Gedalia has been intentional, highly designed, and exceedingly personal.

Gedalia’s inspired network of world-class medical practitioners and professionals are universally known as the finest in their fields and remain game-changers for their patients. These distinguished physicians and practitioners want nothing but the absolute best for their patients. By joining the Gedalia team, they regain the time and freedom to provide the extraordinary — truly personal care they long to give and their patients long to receive.

Every one of our distinguished physicians is vetted and must be a doctor’s doctor – the absolute best of the best. Gedalia has long-standing ties to the most renowned specialists and medical institution in the world. However, at Gedalia, we work as one to provide our clients with the most powerful, personal medical care imaginable. And Gedalia will continue to connect centers of medical excellence and cultivate an unmatched network for our clients and their needs and desires.